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Refereed Publications

Articles in peer reviewed journals

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 Book Chapters

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Unpublished Recent Working Papers

  1.  Institutions for Infrastructure in Developing Countries: What We Know and the Lot We still Need to Know,(2016)  ECARES Working Paper 2016-27
  2. What if TTIP Changed the Regulation of Public Services ?Lessons for Europe from Developing Countries (2016), (with C. Philippe), ECARES Working Paper 2016-26
  3. Corruption and Incompetence in Public Procurement, (2016) (with R. Foucart), ECARES Working Paper 2016-05
  4. Is the belgian Youth Ready for the Reformed Pension System ? (2016) (with S. De Cecco), Working Paper 2016-28
  5. How Much Does Speed Matter in the Fixed to Mobile Broadband Substitution in Europe ? (2015) (with M. Cincera and L Dewulf), ECARES working paper 2015-25
  6. Unbundling Political and Economic Rationality: a Non-Parametric Approach Tested on Spain (2015), (with S. Bertomeu), ECARES Working Paper 2015-17
  7. “Infrastructure and Corruption a Brief Survey” (2014), ECARES Working Paper 2014-37
  8. “In the short run, energy efficiency concerns and trade protection hurt each other and growh, but in the long turn, not necessarily so: 1980-2010 Latin American Evidence” (2014), ECARES Working Paper 2014, 38 (with A. Tsiotras)
  9. “On the “Economics” Case for Planning in Infrastructure A brief policy oriented survey” (2104),  Chaire Bernard Van Ommeslaghe Working Papers, ECARES, ULB
  10. Benchmarking Politicians,” (2013) CEPR Discussion Papers 9467, CEPR Discussion Papers (with R Foucart)
  11.  “A Reverse Holdup Problem” (2013), ECARES Working Paper, 2013-14  (with R. Foucart)
  12. “Reducing Energy Use without Affecting the Economic Objectives: a Sectoral Analysis”(2013), ECARES Working Paper, 2013-11 (with  L. Cherchye,  B. De Rock & B. Walheer)
  13.  “The impact of private participation in infrastructure in developing countries: Taking stock of about 20 years of experience”, (2012) ECARES Working paper 2012-043 (with C. Philippe)
  14. “Horizontal skills mismatch in the labor market: Protecting the past vs. protecting the future”. ECARES Working paper 2012-030 (with R. Foucart)
  15. “Would Less Decentralization Reduce Public Sector Size in Europe?”, ECARES Working paper 2012-028 (with M. Cincera and A. Wolf)
  16. “Some theory, some ideology and lots of pragmatism in the cost-benefit analysis of PPPs”, ECARES Working paper 2012-027
  17. “What policies to green infrastructure services entail” (2012), ECARES Working Paper  2012-13
  18. “Dealing with Politics for Money and Power in Infrastructure” (2010), CBVO working paper, 2010-01 (with D. Benitez and T. Soreide)
  19. “A survey of impact evaluations of infrastructure projects, programs and policies” (2010), ECARES Working Paper 2010-05
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