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Introduction to public economics (ECON-D-301- with I. Tojerow) (2008-2014): ecopub1.wordpress.com

Economics of regulation (ECON-D-421) (2008-now): ecopub2.wordpress.com

Field Project in European Regulation (ECON-S533) (2008-2015): euregul.wordpress.com

Business Economics Workshop (ECON-S531) (2008-now): http://buseconws.wordpress.com/

Introduction to Project Finance (2014-2015) (Specialized MA in Finance)

Environmental Economics (2009-2012 and 2015) (with E. Cantillon)

Development Economics (2009-2012) (with P. Verwimp)

Supervision of internships in firms for 2nd year MA students(2016-now)


An introduction to the economic regulation of public services (started in fall 2015):




Regulatory Economics for Development – Spring 2009 – Paris School of Economics (full semester)

Infrastructure Policy for Development – Spring 2010 – Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona  (3 days course)

Infrastructure Regulation – Spring 2011 – Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (2 days course)

Business Economics – Fall 2013 – Imperial College Business School (Full quarter)

Cost-Benefit Analysis  – Spring 2014-2017- University College London (UCL-DPL) (with Jose Carbajo) (Full quarter)

Public Economics And Policy for Development –  Fall 2013- 2016- University College London (UCL-DPL) (Full quarter)

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